Why Choose Northwest Pianos for Your Next Piano Purchase

November 15, 2023

Why Choose Northwest Pianos for Your Next Piano Purchase

Why Choose Northwest Pianos for Your Next Piano Purchase

If you’re considering investing in a piano, look no further than Northwest Pianos in Bellevue, Washington. Here’s why our piano store stands out and why you should consider buying your next piano from us:

1. Unparalleled Selection

At Northwest Pianos, we pride ourselves on having the largest selection of pianos for sale in the Greater Seattle Area. Whether you’re a seasoned pianist or a beginner, we have something for everyone. Our offerings include:

  • New Pianos: Explore exquisite new pianos from renowned brands such as Fazioli, Sauter, Petrof, Hailun, and Casio.
  • Pre-Owned Pianos: Discover a wide variety of pre-owned pianos, including Steinway upright and grand pianos, as well as certified pre-owned Yamaha and Kawai pianos.
  • Other Brands: We also carry most other brands of pre-owned pianos, ensuring that you find the perfect instrument to match your preferences.

2. Expertise and Craftsmanship

Our team at Northwest Pianos is passionate about music and pianos. We understand the nuances of each piano and can guide you through the selection process. Whether you’re a professional musician or a family looking for a beautiful instrument, we’ll provide personalized advice and recommendations.

3. Authorized Dealership

We are Washington State’s authorized dealer for some of the world’s finest pianos. When you choose Northwest Pianos, you’re getting access to exceptional instruments backed by reputable manufacturers. Our authorized brands include:

  • Fazioli: Experience the elegance and precision of Italian craftsmanship.
  • Sauter: German engineering meets artistic excellence.
  • Petrof: A legacy of European piano-making tradition.
  • Hailun: A rising star in the piano industry, blending Eastern and Western craftsmanship.

4. Customer Reviews and Ratings

Don’t just take our word for it! Our customers have consistently rated us highly, so you can trust that your piano-buying experience will be exceptional.

Visit Us Today

Come and explore our showroom at 13310 Bel-Red Road, Suite 100, Bellevue, WA 98005. 

    Feel free to call us at (425) 241-8835 or email us at for any inquiries. Let Northwest Pianos be your trusted partner in finding the piano of your dreams! 🎹🎶

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