PianoDisc is the world's premier manufacturer of digital player systems - electronic devices that can be installed on virtually any acoustic piano, new or used, grand or upright, allowing your piano to be played by the world's finest musicians complete with vocal and instrumental accompaniment. The PianoDisc system essentially turns your piano into a live, home music theater, capable of playing almost any genre of music available on PianoDisc's music library of over 4000 songs. An impressive catalogue of recordings is available on disc ranging from virtuoso pianists to classic rock, including today's finest pianists and winners of major International piano competitions, to Billboard Top Ten artists, plus Grammy and Emmy winners.

It's important to remember that all PianoDisc systems feature full 88-note playback with 127 levels of expression per key and all PianoDisc systems feature SilentDrive, PianoDisc's exclusive, patented technology that allows the piano to play with greater dynamic range including whisper-soft levels. These important built-in features ensure that PianoDisc systems play your piano like the original artists, lifelike, full of expression and musical tone, not mechanical. These are 21st century player systems, not the player pianos of old.

Far from being limited to entertainment purposes, a PianoDisc system can be used as an educational tool as well, allowing students to observe any piece as it is recreated. PianoDisc is capable of utilizing all 88 keys in its playback feature, and with well over 1000 pressure-sensitive settings, it is able to recreate the musical touch and feel of a professional performance.

Bring Your Piano To Life With A PianoDisc Player System!

Find out more about the perfect match between a Fazioli grand piano and the PianoDisc Prodigy Player System with our latest video with Christiaan Kuyvenhoven.