ANT. PETROF 275 (9')

Petrof ceremonially unveiled the first ANT.PETROF model after seven years of development in 2014 in honour of Antonín Petrof, who founded the firm in 1864. Over the next two years they completed the brand's portfolio - it comprises two grand pianos (AP 275, AP 225) and one upright (AP 136). Only the most experienced of PETROF's specialists are involved in its construction, using the best quality European materials and technology. The result is a timeless design and a unique sound, of particular appeal to the most discerning customers.

Its tremendous sound reaches into every corner of any concert hall in the world. At the same time it remains true to its roots and respects the colourful, romantic and rounded tone of PETROF instruments. It may be a giant, but its elegance and sensitivity are remarkable. An instrument that breathes life into the wildest dreams of the artistic spirit, while opening the hearts of the most demanding listeners

The ANT. PETROF 275 was the first instrument of its name, and is the PETROF company flagship. The eyes of the world watched over its five years of development and two years of testing. This instrument brought many innovations to the pianomaking craft, some of which have since been patented, and it has come to symbolise modern technologies while at the same time preserving the traditional techniques of the greatest pianomaking craftsmen. In particular its completely new construction, first class materials and careful processing make it an impressive instrument.



Solid maple bridges efficiently transfer the vibrations of the strings to the soundboard. These newly designed bridges have been profiled to reduce mass resulting in an increase in energy transfer which produces exceptional bass response and treble transmission.

Iron plate

Computerized drilling (CNC) of the cast iron plate creates an accurate and consistent framework for precision scale design. Exact speaking lengths of the strings and duplexes result in optimal vibrations which produce a pure, singing tone. Open areas of the cast iron enable greater resonance coming from the soundboard.


The European solid spruce soundboard delivers not only a wide dynamic range but also delivers PETROF’s characteristic romantic tone. Measuring in at 2,253 m2 of surface area, the AP 275 contains sufficient power to fill any concert venue.

Wooden frame

The solid beech wood lattice frame ensures the structural support to resist the nearly 20 tons of string tension. This robust design is built with rigidity for longevity.

Key bed 

The key bed is a three-layer cross-grain laminate of solid wood that creates a stable environment for consistent and even action regulation which is sought after by the most discerning pianists.



For a professional pianist, making music is both a joy and a responsibility. Pianists hone their minds, hands, and ears not only through extensive training in educational institutions, but over years of practice on a variety of high-end pianos. They train to control the action and to be fluent in the elements of music: tonal color, dynamic range, and stylistic expression. But however skilled the pianist, he or she is only part of the equation. The performance also requires a high-quality piano — one responsive enough to translate the player’s artistry and skill into sound, and able to project that sound to the audience.

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Additional Information

This piano comes with Petrof Pianos 10 year manufacturer warranty.

It includes:

  • New matching bench
  • Free local delivery
  • 1 in-home tuning
  • 100% lifetime trade-up guarantee

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