We Buy Your Quality Pianos!

January 10, 2022

We Buy Your Quality Pianos!

As a local company, we care for your home as if it were our own and are happy to help your piano find its new home.

How Does This Work?


Use this form to provide more information about your piano. A salesperson will contact you after your information has been reviewed.


After our team has evaluated your piano, we will make you an offer based on your piano's condition and resale value. A consignment agreement will be sent to you.


After the consignment agreement has been signed, we will schedule a time to pick-up your piano and transfer it to our showroom.


After your piano has been sold, we will send you a check within 30 days.

We are specifically interested in the following piano brands:

  • Steinway
  • Boston
  • Yamaha
  • Kawai
  • Baldwin
  • Hailun

Please understand that we cannot use:

  • Organs
  • Digital pianos
  • Square grand pianos
  • Pianos with fewer than 88 keys
  • Old player pianos (the kind that use paper rolls)
  • Pianos that have been abandoned in garages or basements
  • Big old upright pianos (a.k.a. “upright grands”, “cabinet grands”, “saloon pianos”)
  • Pianos that are wildlife sanctuaries for mice, cockroaches, or fish (the less common artificial reef piano)

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Petrof Gemini

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Henry Miller Baby Grand

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"Cheri at Northwest Pianos was wonderful. She was very respectful of our budget and gave us her expert opinion without being pushy. Delivery was also so easy and professional!"

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