How you know you're ready for a piano upgrade

October 26, 2022

How you know you're ready for a piano upgrade

In the 50 plus years I have been in the piano industry, I have been asked countless times, “When should I move up to a better instrument", my answer is always the same. “If you want to play better, yesterday.”


You can only play as well as the instrument you play on, and you will never improve, no matter how much you practice if the entry-level piano isn't up to your potential skill level.


An instrument will undoubtably hold you back if you let it.


Of course, buying the best piano you can afford the first time out postpones the process sometimes for many years, but few people actually do that. The tendency for many is to get a "starter" piano to get into playing. Unfortunately, in many cases that's all they are good for, starting, With the student soon outgrowing the pianos capabilities and suffering the consequences.


I can tell you from personal experience by playing literally hundreds of pianos of all different quality levels, I always enjoyed playing and sounded better on the higher-level pianos and had just the opposite experience with the inadequate ones. It felt like a job, not a joy.


The truth is that a higher quality piano makes everyone a better player. From the eager-eyed beginner to the most advanced artist. The beginners who practice on high quality pianos always do better in recitals,

the hobbyist who plays a better piano enjoys it more and progresses faster, the concert artists demand the best instruments without question to be able to showcase their skills in the best light.


The bottom line to great results and more enjoyment as a player is to get the best piano you can start with and upgrade as soon as you are able when your skill level improves. You won't regret it!


Let us help you find the right piano for your budget, skillset, and artistic goals!

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