7 Gift Ideas For Music Lovers

December 07, 2021

7 Gift Ideas For Music Lovers

If you are seeking some inspirational gift ideas, particularly gifts for piano lovers, read on. 
We have collated 7 gift ideas (with a special bonus idea) that would be perfect for the pianists or musicians in your life.
1. Treble Clef Pendant Necklace


If you have an extra special musician in your life, then have you seen this Diamond Accent Solitaire Treble Clef Pendant from Zales?
Add a little sparkle and uncover a beaming smile with this gorgeous gift.
2. Metronome

Whatever is the instrument and whatever the music genre that you’re into, metronomes come as essential useful tools for improving your musicianship. After all, one needs to be skilled enough to be in perfect time if they want to perform their favorite music pieces.
Getting a metronome to a piano player is one of the best things that you can do to them. 
3. Piano Cufflinks
These days we will take any excuse to dress up, even if we're not going anywhere. 
Bring a little bling to the season with these smart but fun piano cufflinks from Nordstrom.
4. Northwest Pianos Gift Certificate
Not sure what to buy that special someone? The Northwest Pianos Gift Certificate is the perfect gift! It’s the best way to get them exactly what they  want. Keep the surprise in place, and visit our store after to choose the best piano for the recipient (Increments of $500).
5. Fazioli Pianos: From the Dream to the Sound
Piano players are usually the kind of people that like to read. And is there a better gift other than a good book? In case you’re leaning towards this particular direction, we’d recommend a wonderful one titled "Fazioli Grand Pianos: From the Dream to the Sound" Written by Sandro Cappelletto, Foreword by Herbie Hancock. This book reveals the passion and expertise of those engaged in the construction of a unique and precious object destined for the world of art.
6. LEGO IDEAS Grand Piano
Now going to a bright and more creative side of things, you could always find an interesting toy to get their mind of the piano and give them a bit of a different perspective. Take some time out and enjoy creating a LEGO® musical masterpiece to display in the home or workplace. Part of a collection of LEGO building sets for adults, it makes a truly special gift for yourself, the musician, piano player or hobbyist in your life.
7. Piano Wall Art
Do you know a pianist who is also an art lover, or has a keen eye for design?
Have you thought about gifting them with a framed print of a photograph or painting that you know would suit them and their musical space perfectly? 
Setting up your living space according to what you love in life is one of the most important issues for most people today.
Bonus: For the One Who's Always Dreamed of a Piano
If you are considering gifting a loved one with a piano, whether they are a beginner or have been playing for years, we can help.
Click here to get in touch for a pressure-free conversation about your requirements, preferences, and budget.
We will help you find exactly what you are looking for, whether that is a digital piano, an upright piano, a grand piano or even a player piano.

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