5 Tips to Prepare for a Piano Recital

October 12, 2022

5 Tips to Prepare for a Piano Recital

When we opened our doors in 2007, we had a vision to offer free, intimate piano concerts & recitals for the greater Seattle area. As a local piano store, we love building relationships with music teachers, students, and musicians in our community.  One of the ways we were able to bring our vision to fruition was by opening our Mercer Music Hall at our International Piano Gallery.


Since we opened our Mercer Music Hall, we have been able to host recitals, concerts, rehearsals, and meetings. The Mercer Music Hall comfortably seats 80 people, which creates an intimate, yet impactful venue.   

  1. Memorize

Some musicians choose not to use sheet music on stage. Regardless of if you plan to use your sheet music or not, memorizing your music can be a helpful way to remain focused on the music as you perform. Memorizing your music can also help you perform more expressively, as you won’t worry about losing your spot with your sheet music.

  1. Visualize

If you close your eyes and imagine how it will feel walking on to stage and up to the piano, you can anticipate any nerves, emotions, or even lighting scenarios.

  1. Practice in front of other people

Especially if you haven’t played in front of anyone outside your household, it is important to practice at least once in front of a new audience. It gives you an opportunity to work out any jitters you may have. Bonus, you can enjoy the applause & positive feedback from friends in a casual setting before you move on to a concert hall.

  1. Practice on your performance piano

Unless you practice and perform on a portable digital piano, the performance piano you use may be brand new to you. Practicing on the instrument you plan on using during your recital before the performance can help you prepare for any nuances the individual instrument might have.

  1. Relax and have fun!

Your audience is there to enjoy your performance. Loosen the muscles around your shoulders & neck and try to have fun with your performance!


Our International Piano Gallery features an exquisite collection of Grand and Upright Pianos, New and Certified Pre-Owned, and brands like Yamaha, Petrof, & Hailun. Our pianos are tuned & cared for by the finest Piano technicians in the country.


Let our experienced staff help you select the right piano for your experience level, price point, & musical needs. 

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