Steinway & Sons Model S (5'1")-SOLD

Built in 1979. At 5’1” (155 cm), the Steinway Model S is the smallest of the Steinway grand pianos. Built in New York. Upon its introduction, it became the smallest Steinway Grand in production – a place this model of piano still occupies. The Model S was launched with much fanfare by the company. The Model S design is based upon and scaled down from the larger 5’7″ Model M. Beautiful Ebony Satin Finish. This piano has a wonderful buttery sound! You will love to playing it!

Its main advantage is its small size. This model is perfect for those who want the grand feel of a Steinway piano, but don’t have the room in their house for a larger instrument. While the sound is excellent for a model of its small stature, it doesn’t quite match the tonal quality of longer pianos. Although they are fine instruments when properly prepped, we’ve heard many musicians and piano enthusiasts alike state that they miss the richness of tone and powerful bass that a larger piano is capable of. Cosmetically, they look very similar to the Model M with the main interior difference being that the cast iron plate has five plate cooling holes instead of the six on the M.


This piano comes with Northwest Pianos 5 year parts and labor warranty.

Price includes:

  • Matching bench
  • Free local standard delivery
  • 1 in-home tuning
  • 100% lifetime trade-up guarantee