Bluthner Style VII Restored and Refinished (6'3")-SOLD

Among the "Big Four" piano manufacturers, Bluthner was established in the mid 19th century and remains a highly regarded name among piano aficionados today. By the time of the piano's manufacturing, Bluthner was the largest maker in Germany; sitting under the fingers of pianists from Debussy to Rachmaninoff.

Built in 1912. Recently restored and refinished. Ebony Satin Finish. Refinished Case and Plate, Original Soundboard, New Pinblock, Pins, New Key Tops, Strings and Hammers. Viennese Action. Very collectible piano!

Viennese Action: The Viennese instrument is comparatively light in construction and is typically double strung, whereas the English piano is usually triple strung and of much sturdier build. The Viennese action is lighter and simpler, using a hammer mounted on the far end of the key. The English action is more complex, using a hammer mounted on a separate hammer rail on the piano body.

The way in which the hammer strikes the string has important effects on the instrument's sound. The hammers of the English instruments strike the strings in a direct manner whereas the hammers of the Viennese pianos tend so stroke the string as they hit it. This gives the Viennese piano a gentler sound than that of the more powerful English instrument. Curiously this difference is reflected in the actual shape and appearance of the instruments.

This piano comes with Northwest Pianos 5 year parts and labor warranty.

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  • Matching bench
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  • 1 in-home tuning
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