Casio Hybrid Digital Piano GP300

by Casio

Year: New
Serial #: 000-000
Wood: Ebony
Finish: Satin
Price: Call for Pricing (425) 241-8835

With the GP-300 lies a completely new keyboard action, designed in cooperation with the German piano manufacturer C. Bechstein. Dubbed the "Natural Grand Hammer Action Keyboard" by Casio, this action pairs spruce piano keys to a moving mechanism that actually throws a hammer in the same way an acoustic piano does. This combination of real piano keys and surfaces paired with a triple-sensor, moving hammer system really does make a world of difference for the player. Often, digital pianos suffer from actions that are either too light or too firm and springy. But here, Casio has struck a winning combination that puts the player one step closer to the experience of playing a moving, mechanical instrument. Kudos to Casio for partnering with C. Bechstein, a recognized leader in piano manufacturing for more than 150 years. Along with its impressive new keyboard action, Casio has also gone to great lengths on the Celviano Grand Hybrid to imitate the way in which an acoustic piano projects sound. Called the Grand Acoustic System, it couples a six-speaker/four-channel audio system with a design that spreads the sound out from the instrument much in the same way a real acoustic piano does. feature new sample sets made from three major styles of acoustic piano--the Berlin Grand (based on an instrument by C. Bechstein), the Hamburg Grand, and the Vienna Grand. Players of previous Casio digital pianos will undoubtedly find the Hamburg Grand sound familiar, as it has appeared in different variations on other instruments. Attractive ebony satin finish. Includes padded adjustable bench and 100% lifetime trade-up guarantee.

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