Baldwin Model R w/QRS PNOmation III Player (5'8")-SOLD

Built in the USA in 1999. The player was updated to QRS PNOmation III in 2016. Ebony polish finish. Rated as one of America's best built pianos, Firm action for the player that likes a little heavier action when performing. Good responsive touch allows for good control and expression. The broad dynamic range lets you play any genre of music from pop to classical. 

This 21st Century QRS PNOmation III system is a piano automation playback system that also includes sing along/karaoke capability. It is wireless and bluetooth capable and will interface with any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or Amazon Echo.

The QRS PNOmation III also has network capability. This means that all new titles, as well as software updates to your system are automatically loaded into your processor’s memory upon release. It also means that any technical glitches that may occur can be diagnosed remotely before a technician visits your home, saving you the trouble of a separate service call to diagnose the problem.

Because the system is entirely wireless and digital, gone are the cassette tapes, floppy disks, diskettes, CDs and big control boxes under the keyboard of 20th century player systems.

This piano comes with Northwest Pianos 5 year parts and labor warranty on piano, 30 days warranty on player.

Price includes:

  • Matching bench
  • Free local standard delivery
  • 1 in-home tuning
  • 100% lifetime trade-up guarantee