Sauter Omega 7'3" Concert Grand

This 7'3" concert grand piano might be dynamic and powerful, but it is no less sensitive and charming. The soundboard, which is made from the finest European spruce, facilitates rich variations in sound. The Omega responds to the slightest touch, allowing the pianist to express himself with real sensitivity.

The hammers, which have been carefully selected and are voiced by experts, pack loads of dynamism, facilitating the very finest nuances in sound and brilliant tones. Ebony sharps. Large locking brass casters. Sostenuto pedal. The lid props are made from solid maple for greater tonal brilliance. Hydraulic damper* for the piano fall board. Music desk** with convenient one-handed controls for increased reliability and ease-of-use.  

Contemporary compositions often dictate that the pianist not only strike the keys but also "attack" the strings directly. SAUTER has therefore developed a system of additional register demarcation for the Omega 220. Colored register lines mark important division points on the sound board, enabling the pianist to immediately find the corresponding positions on the strings. This allows the player to switch rapidly between keys and strings. To facilitate orientation among the numerous strings, the dampers are color-coded black and white to correspond to their respective keys.

Sauter is one of the oldest European piano manufacturers, and their Omega is a top tier, concert level performance piano. This 7'3" masterpiece has a full dynamic range and rich tonal color to please any pianist. Larry Fine's Piano Buyer book rates it above the New York Steinway.  Try it against all of the other highest performance level pianos and this piano will win in sound, touch and price.

This piano comes with Sauter Pianos 5 year manufacturer warranty.

It includes:

  • New matching bench
  • Free local standard delivery
  • 1 in-home tuning
  • 100% lifetime trade-up guarantee