Certified Pre-Owned Kawai Uprights (48'', 49'', 52'') $5595-$6995

Prices starting at $5595.  Our pre-owned Kawai pianos are certified by JUPA (Japan Used Piano Association) with all Japanese parts, refurbished, new key tops, practice pedal, new adjustable padded bench and have received a grade A rating in the Action, Soundboard, Pins, Keys, and Body. . They are in flawless external condition and excellent internal condition. These are a great value and will save you money compared with expensive new Kawai pianos.

Call for pricing and inventory:  425-241-8835


Kawai professional 48'', 49'', 52'' uprights are the perfect pianos for the advancing young pianist. If you are looking for an instrument to teach you better playing and ear training skills than your keyboard or digital can do, then select one from our huge selection of Kawai uprights. Long strings and the large soundboard give the piano plenty of power and dynamic range to work and grow with. Built in Japan and refurbished to like new Kawai upright pianos.

This piano comes with Northwest Pianos 5 year parts and labor warranty.

Price includes:

  • New matching bench
  • 1 in-home tuning
  • 100% lifetime trade-up guarantee

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