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The Bösendorfer Imperial features 97 keys: a full eight octaves. This is in contrast to their other extended model, the Bösendorfer 225, which has 92 keys (down to F0). The extra keys, which are all at the bass end of the keyboard (that is, to the left), are colored black so that the pianist can tell them apart from the normal keys of an 88-key piano. While the keys are seldom used, the extra bass strings create additional harmonic resonance that contributes to an overall richer sound. As such, Compositions have been written specifically to utilize the extra keys. 

The Bösendorfer CEUS player system is an evolutionary Marvel and offers the capability to accurately record and to play back the full expressiveness of even the most talented pianist. For many years Bösendorfer was the only company to be able to record pianists playing and moving of keys with the SE (Stahnke Engineering) System. Developed by Wayne Stahnke, a prodigy from MIT, the Bösendorfer SE maintained its status the as the only tool for hi-fi pianist recording. When Wayne Stahnke left Bösendorfer he was hired by Yamaha and helped them to develop and refine a simplified version.  Bösendorfer teamed up with the University of Vienna to create the most exact system and presented in 2003 the CEUS to the public. CEUS included years of experience with the SE system.  In 2006 Yamaha corporation purchased Bosendorfer and it quickly became clear to Yamaha’s management that the CEUS quality exceeded Yamaha’s Disklavier in accuracy, speed, and latency. The CEUS was the only option that gave Bösendorfer Imperial 290 pianos the capabilities of recording a performer, storing or transmitting the data, then having the file played back through the same or another similarly equipped piano. The CEUS presented a sense of the performance and the playback accuracy that are impossible for the human ear to distinguish from the original performance. 

This piano was privately owned, meticulously maintained, and was never used on a stage. It is perfect in every way and backed by our nationwide 5-year parts and labor warranty. We accept credit cards and offer affordable financing options. Nationwide shipping is available. Contact Bob by clicking on the "Contact Seller" button. 

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